Joy of Devotion: Reintroducing the Devout Life is dedicated to helping you live devotion as Francis de Sales describes it in the Introduction to the Devout Life.

You will feel at home here if you…

  • believe that devotion should bring joy
  • aim for the heights of holiness
  • want Francis de Sales to lead you on this journey because (1) he’s awesome and (2)  you’re tired of piecing together spiritual advice from multiple sources.
  • value community on the journey to God
  • know that the spiritual life must help you in practical ways.

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About me

My name is Blake Robinson. I was baptized Catholic as a junior at Princeton University. I’m married and working as an iPhone developer in central New Jersey.

My interest in the spiritual life began when it started to feel confusing. I searched for a framework to understand how the spiritual life progressed. I wondered, “How does one grow?” I read dozens of spiritual authors, but none compare to Francis de Sales. Nothing rivals the Introduction to the Devout Life in terms of warmth, clarity and comprehensiveness. My motive for starting Joy of Devotion is to tell you about this gem.

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